About Moi

Abbotts 8

What’s to know? Ummm, I’m a librarian, large-format photographer, knitter, painter, printmaker, writer, editor, dreamer. Bunch of stuff. Too much, in fact. I don’t have time to write this blog either. Nevertheless, at times I feel compelled to write and this is my outlet.

All the photographs that head the installments were taken by moi, and, need I add, are copywritten. More of my photos that I also don’t really have time to take can be seen on my website and on flickr.

2 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hello Amanda, Jerry here.. Just wanted to say how much I like your pictures…..I am rank amateur but mostly have been collecting cameras and photo equipment 35mm Nikon and Minolta, Mamiya RZ67 and Pentax 67 along with a few view cams and lots of Graflex 4×5 and Aero Ektar 7″….
    I am 70 years old and I think I may have waited too long to take up a hobby that requires so much education… but I don’t expect to master photography just take a few nice pics to hand down.

    I very much like your stuff of the Eastern Sierra… I myself would like to make it to Bodie before it disappears and other spots in the high desert and also Death Valley in the spring when it is cooler and maybe catch the bloom of some wild flowers…

    Again, love your pics…they gave me hope..

    jerry faulkner
    Madera, CA

  2. Thanks a lot Jerry! I don’t feel 70 years old is too old to learn this game. You can’t possibly make more mistakes than I do.
    Re: the Eastern Sierra. It’s beautiful out there. I don’t consider myself much of a landscape photographer but I do have a couple shots that I like (got lucky I think).

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