If you get too serious you’ll have to leave

Here’s the thing people, there ain’t nothing you’re going to make that warrants much seriousness. Don’t cry now. Look over my shoulder as I show you what I see.

Observe: The person who subscribes wholeheartedly to the notion that good glass makes a good shot. The person takes a bad shot and declares the glass is not good enough. This is a Serious Situation. No it isn’t. Failure is more educational than success.

Joe submits prints to a juried show. None get in. Either the jurists are all idiots or–horrors–the work isn’t good. This is a Serious Situation. No it isn’t. Your work did not fit. That’s all. Keep trying.

A newbie online asks for help with a technical issue. You are certain of the answer and painstakingly explain the process and solution. You are contradicted and the newbie is confused. Your colleagues are not taking you seriously! Confound them! Relax. Let the newbie figure it out; it’s part of the process.

Someone Billy-o thought was his friend is following him around and taking the same pictures, sometimes moments later, sometimes months. This is Seriously Annoying. Well, Billy-o, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Next time you see him, club him. No wait. That’s Serious. Keep doing what you love and bear in mind that your friend might be better at those shots than you. In fact, encourage him. You might learn something. (And do not use your tripod as a weapon. This is Frowned Upon in many circles.)

There are some strategies you can adopt to ward off Seriousness:

  • There is room enough in this world for all of us, and all of our art.
  • All those experts put on their panties one leg at a time, just like (most) of us.
  • Success is not always based on the obvious; it can be a reflection of mores deeper than we can see.
  • The process is more important the product, and the process is pretty fun. If it isn’t, you’re in the wrong line.
  • There is nary a guarantee in life, just like there is no control. Enjoy the ride cuz you can only change how it effects you, not your place in the car.
  • Above all, remember that art is transient. Even yours.

On the other hand, forget all that crap. It sounds pretty Serious.

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