Camera fail

Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I am glad I have a digital camera with me. Well, my phone actually, but it’s all I own in the digi department.

Fiji is rather moist. As in torpid, dripping, damp, and humid. Film is not fond of these conditions. Swollen and sodden emulsions do not glide through the camera.

As I mentioned at some time to probably many, I have brought my Widelux and Hasselblad with me. First complication arrived when I tried to take a photo at night and the shutter wouldn’t release on the Hassy. Some investigation showed that the lock that keeps the shutter from firing when the darkslide is in was not unlocking when the slide was out. This I cannot fix just now so I am down a back. This is most irksome because I just paid a bunch of money to have the seals replaced specially for this trip. Fortunately, I have two others.

Next, I find that the film advance in the Widelux is stubborn. I closed myself in the closet and found I had somehow managed to wind the film such that it was going back on itself. Some film sacrificed and all was tickety boo until today. Once again, no winding on. Back into the closet. Film is stuck fast. I had to remove the canister and wind it in by hand while wrenching the film free. I don’t hold out much hope for those images.

The pictures on my phone are…snapshots at best. Please don’t tell me that the only photos that come out will be those on my freaking phone. That’s not possible, is it? Is it?

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