Fiji and New Zealand bound: preparations commence

Crab crop 2421

This here is my inaugural post for my upcoming trip. I will practice being witty and succinct, likely succeeding at neither.

Wheels up on Sept 14, 2013, returning Oct 26. Two weeks in Fiji, remainder in New Zealand (both islands).

I am too fat for this trip. I find there are no suits on the market that cover an Older Woman like myself from the neck to the ankle. Perchance I can find a vintage frilly number from say 1910 with striped stockings and a cap. I do have a shoulder-to-mid-thigh swimming costume for a svelte man, 100% wool and in slimming black, but there are holes in inconvenient places so that’s out. Alternately I could give up cake, but I think it’s too late for that, right? I’m leaving Sept 14, far too soon to leave off the sweets. Can’t possibly make any difference.

I have managed to narrow my camera choices to just 2 of the 14 I own: the Hasselblad with 2 lenses and 2 backs, and the Widelux, a panoramic 35mm camera with a sweeping lens. Next step is to have both of them cleaned and adjusted so all is tickety-boo for the trip. I have begun hoarding the film–Fuji Acros for the most part, but some color film for fun as well.

There are lots of other things to prepare as well. For instance, I must prepare for spending 24/7 with my husband for 6 weeks. This has perhaps never occurred in our 26 years together. Maybe it has. I don’t remember. This will require the correct mix of knitting, books, jokes, and clean underwear. I am certain to fail in at least one of those areas, one hopes not in all.

The brain is now sweating. The air conditioner is temperamental, but perhaps that is good practice as well. I must needs go dab the brow. More drivel anon.

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